We are a volunteer organization which keeps our prices so low. The downside is that we are not manned during the daytime.

You may visit the cemetery anytime without an appointment to look around.

1. You must call our Superintendent Floyd Craig at 845-658-9181 and make an appointment with him to meet you at cemetery. (He works at his real job during the day so you probably will get his answering machine. He will then call you back. Best to call in evening before 9PM)

2. When you meet him, you will pick out your plot(s) and he will assign them to you.

3. You  give him the name, address, phone #, and email address you want on the deed.

4. You then give him a check for the appropriate amount made out to the Rosendale Plains Cemetery Association.

5. He then gives this information and payment to the cemetery president and the president emails you a deed. (As part of being volunteer and saving money, we do not mail out hard copies of the deeds. The president puts a digital signature on the deed and it is emailed to you in .pdf form. If you want a hard copy, you can just print it out, bring it to a Staples or similar type establishment for printing, or upload it to a Staples or similar type of establishment and they will print and mail it to you for minimal charges.)

Step by Step Procedure To Purchase Plots