Natural Biscuit Joint Construction by contractor.

  • Made from Natural Tillson Pine
  • Milled at private mill 1/4 mile from cemetery
  • Custom sizes / wood types available
  • Call 845-658-9181 / Email: floydcraig00@msn.com

    (Sale of these caskets has nothing to do with the actual cemetery and is

      handled through private contractor Floyd Craig. Any other casket companies

      can list their product here by calling the cemetery.)

Our green and natural burial section provides an option for those who wish to be interred with an emphasis on being  environmentally friendly along with having a closer connection with nature. Everything associated with the Natural Burial section is natural and native to the area from our historic Stone Monument we got from the A.J. Snyder Cement Mines to the cedar signs we use which are preserved with natural raw linseed oil. This all works towards the environmental friendly goals of protecting workers health, avoiding contact and interaction with toxic embalming fluids, reducing carbon emissions, and conserving natural resources. Our natural burial section meets all legal and natural burial ethical/professional standards. Although we do follow the Green Burial Council Guidelines in most situations, we deviate from same based on our experience with our Natural Burial section. Plots are 5' X 10' in FIELD section and 10' X 10' in WOODS section. Graves are 3.5'-6' deep depending on the specific location and logistics of opening each specific grave. Section 15NBF denotes Natural Burial in FIELD section and Section 15NBW denotes Natural Burial in WOODS section. Our natural section will be mowed, but not as low as the conventional section of the cemetery. Single plots cost $800.00 and there is a recommendation that a 12" X 24", 4" thick grave marker be put in. A basic marker such as this with name and dates can be purchased for $250.00 from Holmes Memorials, LLC in Saugerties, NY. Their phone is 845-246-8480.There are other monument vendors who supply these type of markers. The actual burial then costs $800.00. A funeral home must handle the body. Names of local funeral homes that will do these natural burials and sell green caskets are available on request. Family members may be present and have limited participation in the digging and filing in of the grave on request. The G.J. Moylan funeral home(845-658-3139) does handle natural burials and they are located only 2 miles from our cemetery.  The rules we abide by are as follows:


The natural designated portion of the Rosendale Plains Cemetery is  reserved for burial that do not use a vault(partial, inverted, or otherwise), a vault lid, concrete box, slab, or partitioned liner.

1. Decedents are not to have been embalmed, or embalmed only with  Funeral Home approved nontoxic chemicals.
2. Burial containers are to be limited to those made from materials that are nontoxic/nonhazardous and natural/plant derived, with shrouds permissible (i.e. untreated softwoods, wool, fiber, cloth, cardboard, seagrass, bamboo, wicker, hemp, paper mache)
3. Shrouded bodies shall be handled only by Funeral Director and/or funeral personnel and not cemetery personnel. Shrouded bodies must be entirely wrapped head to toe and be supported on a solid board for lowering. A minimum1x8-inch board (the same length as the body) is usually suitable. Plywood and particle support boards are not acceptable.
4. No pesticides allowed.
5. Living existing trees will be left in place. Any open area will be mowed in schedule with the rest of the cemetery.
6. All graves will be mounded and mulched and allowed to return to their natural state.
7. Grave markers are reccomended. Engraved flat natural fieldstone or quarried stone, 12" X 24",  4 inches thick may be used as a marker. The stone must be flush to the ground. Stones may not be machine cut or polished. One company that sells these markers is Holmes Memorials LLC located at 3185 Route 9W in Saugerties, N.Y.  12477. Their phone number is 845-246-8480.The price for the basic marker with name and dates is $250.00.
Graves will also be marked on a survey map. 
8. All graves will be opened (machine dug or by hand) by and/or under the supervision of the Cemetery Superintendent. Family members cannot dig graves.
9. Only one full body allowed per gravesite. Cremation burial may be included.
10. No tree plantings of any kind allowed. No artificial flowers or other decorations may be placed on graves. Native wreaths and flowers are fine. No vases. Wreaths must be removed by May 15th. A list of NATIVE N.Y flowers can be viewed at the following link:
11. There shall be a 50' perimeter buffer zone
12. There will be a designated scatter garden
13. The size of each standard gravesite will be 5'x10'. The size of each cremains gravesite will be 5'x5'.

14.PLASTIC BODY BAGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE NATURAL BURIAL SECTION. However, we can sell you a plot right next to the Natural Burial section either in  the woods or field if your burial requires a plastic body bag.

Joseph Leahy Funeral Home

27 Smith Ave.

Kingston, N.Y. 12401



​(9 miles from Cemetery)

Very Familiar with our Cemetery


The links below direct you to published articles about our Natural Burial Section.

A  Natural Burial Boutique  has opened in Nyack, N.Y. The name is Dying to Bloom and they are located in the historic St. George Building at 48 Burd St., Suite 101, in Nyack, They are purveyors of biodegradable caskets, shrouds, unique urns, ash pendant jewelry, and memorial products for people and pets. Their website is http://dyingtobloom.com/. Their phone number is 845-535-1567. The proprietor is Kerry Potter.



George J. Moylan Funeral Home

2053 Route 32

​Rosendale, N.Y. 12472



(2 miles from Cemetery)

Very Familiar with our Cemetery