- Standard Plot: $1,000.00

- Natural Burial Plot: $1,500.00 (Maximum of two cremation remains allowed per plot)
- 10 Plots: $9,000.00 (Natural Burial Family Ground Field &Wooded Section)
- 30 Plots: $27,000.00 (Natural Burial Family Ground Field & Wooded Section)

- Civilian Columbarium Niche(Can contain 2 sets of cremation remains): $850.00

- Veteran's Columbarium Niche(Can contain Veteran & Spouse cremation remains): $550.00

- Infant Plot: No charge if in infant section / $800.00 out of infant section
- Town Plot: No charge

- Social Services plot and burial: $700.00 total

- Interment: $1,000.00 (Conventional & Natural plus Weekend Holiday Fee as per below)

- Interment: $250.00 (Veteran's Columbarium)

- Interment: $350.00 (Civilian Columbarium)
- Interment for Weekends and Holidays additional $400.00 (Conventional/Natural & Columbarium)
- Infant Burial: $250.00 plus pertinent weekend, holiday, winter fees
- Town/Indigent Burial: Contact Cemetery Superintendent Floyd Craig @ 845-658-9181
- Cremation Remains(Including Pet Cremation Remains): $350.00 plus pertinent weekend, holiday,

  winter fees. (Natural Burial Section also)

- Etching of Identification Information in Niche Doors can be done by just about any monument company.          Holmes Memorials in Saugerties, N.Y, 845-246-8480, is here quite often.

- Winter Time: Additional charges as needed on case by case basis as per Cemetery Superintendent.    Additional charges may include grave cooking, plowing, snow blowing, sand, salt, and/or other expenses which may arise.

(Sale of these caskets has nothing to do with the actual cemetery and is done through private contractor Floyd Craig. Any other casket companies are welcome to list their names here and can do so by calling the cemetery.)

  • Natural Biscuit Joint Construction by contractor.
  • Milled & Constructed at private mill 1/4 mile from cemetery by contractor.
  • Free delivery to funeral homes with 10 mile radius of cemetery by contractor.
  • Several Options for long distance delivery by contractor.
  • Small(5'8" X 20" X 12")
  • Medium(6'0" X 22" X 14")
  • Large(6'4" X 24" X 16")
  • X-Large(6'6" X 26" X 18") 
  • Custom sizes and design available for pre-negotiated cost with contractor.
  • Customer can supply wood for pre-determined cost and arrangement with contractor.
  • Allow day and a half turn around time for most caskets
  • Contact Contractor Floyd Craig:  845-658-9181 Email: floydcraig00@msn.com


Ask for Travis  845-594-1888

Grave Monument Power Washing

There are several local contractors who provide the service of power washing gravestones in our cemetery. They are not employees of the cemetery and are private contractors. You may feel free to call any of these gentlemen to get pricing and have your grave site power washed.


Checks for quick interments can be sent overnight to 87 Grist Mill Road / Tillson, NY 12486. No interments without pre-pay unless authorized by us.


To purchases a plot or columbarium niche, you need to contact Cemetery Superintendent Floyd Craig at 845-658-9181 after you decide where you would like your plot(s), niche(s) to be. On most occasions, you will get his answering machine and he will get back to you in a short period of time. You can either visit the cemetery before you meet with Mr. Craig, or he can meet you at the cemetery by appointment to assist you with choosing your location and answering any questions you may have. Once you have decided on the plot(s) or columbarium niche(s) you want and he has authorized you to make the purchase, you give him a check made out to the Rosendale Plains Cemetery Association for the proper amount based on the price list below along with any additional charges Mr. Craig advises you are needed for special circumstances such as wintertime or abnormally difficult burials. In addition to the check, you must provide Mr. Craig with the name that you want on the deed as well as the deed holders email address, physical address, and phone number. On receipt of payment, we will issue you a deed that will be digitally signed by our President and emailed to you. If you do not have an email address, we will send a hard copy to you. In some cases, the funeral home will allow you to pay them for the plot(s), niche(s), and interments and they in turn will pay us. We do require payment prior to issuance of a deed or preparatory work for interment. As the potential deed holder, you are responsible for the payment so you must assure they make payment to us immediatly. It is important to understand that the interment process will not begin until the cemetery has received payment.