- For all burial details contact Superintendent Floyd Craig: 845-658-9181
- Burial includes grass and lowering device.
Funeral Homes are responsible for Payment.

- WINTER / WEEKEND / HOLIDAY BURIALS - Please contact cemetery superintendent for 

  fee amount prior to the burial confirmation. Payment of additional burial fees for these burials

  are to be made directly to the Cemetery Superintendent via check or cash from the funeral

  home directly, not the family, prior to the confirmation of burial. These payments are not to

  be made to the Cemetery Association.

- Vaults are optional. Vaults not allowed in the Green/Natural Burial section.

- Canopies and seating are available from Vault Companies.

- The closest funeral home to our cemetery is the George J. Moylan Funeral Home, 2053

  Route 32, Rosendale, New York 12472. They do handle GREEN / NATURAL burials.

- We now have Columbariums for both 'VETERAN ONLY' as well as 'CIVILIAN' remains.



(Sale of these caskets has nothing to do with the actual cenetery and is done through private contractor Floyd Craig. Any other casket companies are welcome to list their names here and can do so by calling the cemetery.)

  • Natural Biscuit Joint Construction by contractor.
  • Milled & Constructed at private mill 1/4 mile from cemetery by contractor.
  • Free delivery to funeral homes with 10 mile radius of cemetery by contractor.
  • Several Options for long distance delivery by contractor.
  • Small(5'8" X 20" X 12") - $600.00
  • Medium(6'0" X 22" X 14") - $700.00
  • Large(6'4" X 24" X 16") - $800.00
  • X-Large(6'6" X 26" X 18") - $900.00
  • Infant - $400.00
  • Custom sizes and design available for pre-negotiated cost with contractor.
  • Customer can supply wood for pre-determined cost and arrangement with contractor.
  • Oak or Cedar add $150.00
  • Allow day and a half turn around time for most caskets
  • Contact Contractor Floyd Craig:  845-658-9181 Email:


- The natural designated portion of the Rosendale Plains Cemetery is reserved for burial that

  does not use a vault (partial, inverted, or otherwise), a vault lid, concrete box, slab or

  partitioned liner.

- Decedents are not to have been embalmed, or embalmed only with Funeral Home approved

  nontoxic chemicals.

- Burial containers are to be limited to those made from materials that are

  nontoxic/nonhazardous and natural/plant derived, with shrouds permissible (i.e. untreated

  softwoods, wool, fiber, cloth, cardboard, seagrass, bamboo, wicker, hemp, paper mache)

- Shrouded bodies shall be handled only by Funeral Director and/or funeral personnel and not

  cemetery personnel. Shrouded bodies must be entirely wrapped head to toe and be

  supported on a solid board for lowering. A minimum1x8-inch board (the same length as the 

  body) is usually suitable. - Plywood and particle support boards are not acceptable.

 - No pesticides allowed.

- Living existing trees will be left in place. Any open area will be mowed in schedule with the

   rest of the cemetery.

- All graves will be mounded and mulched and allowed to return to their natural state.

- Grave markers are required. Engraved flat natural fieldstone or quarried stone, no more

  than 400 inches square and 3 inches thick may be used as a marker. The stone must be

  flush to the ground. Stones may not be machine cut or polished.

- Graves will also be marked on a survey map. 

- All graves will be opened (machine dug or by hand) by and/or under the supervision of the

  Cemetery Superintendent. Family members cannot dig graves.

- Only one full body allowed per gravesite. Cremation burial may be included.

- No tree plantings of any kind allowed. No artificial flowers or other decorations may be

  placed on graves. Native natural wreaths and flowers are fine. No vases. Wreaths must be

  removed by May 15th.

- There shall be a 50’ perimeter buffer zone.

- There will be a designated scatter garden.

- The size of each standard gravesite will be 4’x10’. The size of each cremains gravesite will

   be 5’x5’.

Rosendale Plains Cemetery